Hello there, friends! My name is John Robberson. I have the privilege of teaching 4th grade this year! I am a new member of the Victory Family team, but I have been enjoying teaching for 17 years! I have taught 2nd , 3 rd , 4th , and three different subjects in 6th grade (Math, Science, &
My wife and I were also the Junior-High Youth Pastors (6th -8th grade), at Truth Church in Norman for five years.
I am married to my wife, Christi. We are raising 5 incredible kids together, Asher (19), Caedon (17), Alina (14), Bella (12), and Jaycee (8)! We have 2 dogs (Molly and Sadie), one cat(Murray), 10 chickens, and one bearded dragon (Missy…which I’m too afraid to touch!)
I have been working in public schools my entire career, so this will be the first time for me to teach at a private school. I am overjoyed with the opportunity to FINALLY be allowed to teach about the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ in my classroom! I am honored to be entrusted with
this mission and considerate it to be the most important part of my calling.
I love teaching, but growing up I didn’t enjoy school. One of my greatest passions as a classroom teacher is to create an environment that each student looks forward to being a part of each day. I work tirelessly to ensure that each student feels loved, appreciated, understood, celebrated, and safe (at all times!) I rely heavily on humor and real world applications to help my students see how lessons can reach outside the classroom! I also LOVE talking with students and parents just
to get to know the people God has placed in my life! I learn so much from all of you as well! I can’t wait for all of that to begin once school starts! May God bless your efforts this year, and teach you more than just how to pass a test! How do we do that?
Together! Philippians 2:1-5!