In this course students will grow and develop their appreciation and aptitude for music via movement and games, cross-curricular studies, vocal and instrumental applications, and team building performances. Students should not only graduate the course as better musicians, but also develop a deeper Biblical understanding of worship, and Christ-like servanthood. 



At this level, the music classroom will focus on routines, peer relationships, exposure to numerous genres and time periods of music, and movement. Movement is especially important to early childhood musicians. Through movement with games, songs, and plays we can help our youngest learners differentiate simple musical concepts such as: loud/soft; high/low; fast/slow, and many more. 



Students will be able to make musical comparisons quicker and easier at this level. In our classroom, we will build on these concepts as we continue to play, and move. Students will learn about the beat, and recognition of simple written rhythms and musical symbols. Additionally, melodic concepts will be the focus later in the year, with a goal of students understanding and recognizing sol, la, and mi. 



During our 2nd and 3rd grade courses we will dive deeper into musical notation and symbols, and melodic structures. Students in these grades will also learn about musical occupations, performance techniques and rehearsal etiquette, and appropriate audience participation. We will spend the spring learning instruments of the orchestra, and when available, attend a live musical performance. Third graders will have the opportunity to join an extracurricular choir to apply their musical knowledge. 


4th/5thGrade/Middle School

Fourth, fifth, and middle school students will begin applying their musical knowledge through hands-on activities and performances. During this year we will focus on vocal performance and rehearsal practices during the first semester, and apply those skills and strategies to a program either at Christmas or in the Spring. Additionally, we will spend time learning percussive instruments such as bucket drums, and wind instruments such as recorders. Fourth, fifth and middle school students will also be able to join an extracurricular choir. These grade levels will have the opportunity to join an extracurricular choir to apply their musical knowledge.