A good physical education program is an integral part of every child’s total education. Not only does physical education help children develop good health and lifelong fitness habits, it helps them to become independent learners and develop social skills by interacting with other students.


This program will be organized around the Oklahoma State Standards for Physical Education. Each grade level will have its own standards that will be met and will set the foundation for the next grade level.


Physical activity, physical fitness and motor-skills development will be the priority of this program. We will focus on student’s skill development and quality activity. As part of the physical activity umbrella, students will learn the knowledge and skills needed to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

Students at VFS will participate in the following activities: movement exploration, rhythms and dance, manipulative activities, sports, games and physical fitness. As part of our fitness program, grades 2-5th will have the opportunity to participate in the Pacer challenge.  The Pacer Challenge is a tool we use to teach pacing when running. We will offer several challenges throughout the year with the goal of improving their cardiovascular vascular endurance.